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Refreshing Cleansing Water with Rose Extract

Since ancient times, the rose has been the symbol of love. It is dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite who – according to Greek mythology – stands for love, beauty and protection. We have combined exactly those elements in our Refreshing Cleansing Water:

Mildly scented rose floral water united with vitalising rose extract from Turkish Damascene roses effectively cleanses your skin and makes it glow! No matter how stressful your day was, this product will perfectly relax and soothe your face! Rich in nourishing vitamins, it refreshes and vitalises without attacking the natural acid mantle of the skin – ideal for everyone who struggles with skin discoloration, irritation or dryness! Make your skin blossom!

Cleansing Genital Lotion with Chamomile Essence – pH neutral

The chamomile has a long tradition as a medicinal plant, but we also appreciate it as a cheerful messenger of spring. After the long winter season, it finally awakens to new life, stretches its flowers towards the sun and delights us with its mild scent! This little sunshine is the star of our Cleansing Genital Lotion! The mild formula with natural chamomile essence and lactic acid was specially developed for gently cleansing the genital area. It soothes its sensitive skin and supports the moisture balance. At the same time, it helps to keep the pH-value constant, so that the natural protective function of this area is maintained and irritations and infections can be prevented. Enjoy a balanced, healthy microflora without itching, discharge and unpleasant odor. For a good, comfortable body feeling!

Mellow Hand Cream with Vanilla

Time for gentleness! Our Mellow Hand Cream with Vanilla makes your hands smooth and soft! The nourishing formula of vanilla and milk proteins protects your skin from drying out and preserves its natural balance. And not only that! Did you know that the aromatic, warm scent of vanilla calms the nerves and can even help with depressed moods or anxiety? So, if you need a dose of relaxation: Cream your hands and take a deeeeep breath!

Soothing Face Mask with Violets

The secret to even skin: Our Soothing Violet Face Mask! She is a Wonderwoman in terms of irritated, damaged or scarred skin – after only a few applications you will see your skin starting to heal! Thanks to the high-quality formula with nurturing violet serum, it has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. So, if you struggle with skin rashes, eczema or disturbed wound healing, this product suits to your needs perfectly! And there is more: The plant-based care complex with vitamin C works its wonders, too! It strengthens the skin barrier and thereby protects your skin, leaving pathogens and infections no chance! You see yourself: This mask is the true superhero of our products! It helps, heals and protects – just according to our motto at “Vanille & Kamille Kosmetik“!

Light Body Lotion with Primrose

Open up your heart for spring! Our Light Body Lotion with the fresh scent of primrose brings joy and delight into the grey winter days! Our nurturing lotion was especially developed for the needs of sensitive skin. It does not only provide your skin with sufficient moisture, but also leaves a velvety soft feeling. Thanks to its light texture, it absorbs quickly and does not grease – as fresh and jolly as the primroses in spring!

Easing Eye Cream with Euphrasia

Since the Middle Ages people know about the healing properties of euphrasia. The plant known as "eyebright" has been used ever since to treat – as its name suggests – eye complaints. To create our Easing Eye Cream we combined this centuries-old knowledge with high-quality, natural ingredients: Its unique active complex with plant-based Omega-3 oils and vitamin E eases itchy, burning eyes as well as it reduces pain of swollen eye bags. The euphrasia extract has an anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and additionally helps to ease and reduce bruises. And that is not all: The special formula intensively moisturises the sensitive skin around your eyes while gently nurturing it. All for you to keep a clear view!

Mild Face Cream with Lavender

We all know it: Stress. May it be problems at work, conflicts with your partner or no time for yourself – sometimes everything is too much. And where is stress, pimples are not far away either.  Exactly in these moments, a little time-out with our Mild Lavender Face Cream works wonders! Lavender does not only have a soothing effect on your skin, it also calms your nerves. This wonderfully fragrant plant relieves emotional tension, helps to reduce anxiety and stress and makes it easier to fall asleep. With this cream you cannot only say goodbye to stress pimples and blemishes, but also leave tension and overload behind for a moment – so that you can shine just like your skin!

Covering Concealer with Rosemary Oil

Dark circles? Blemishes? Redness? With this product, those are problems of the past! Our Covering Concealer With Rosemary Oil does not only make irregularities disappear, but provides your skin with important nutrients at the same time. Leave the winter blues behind you, too: The so-called “hello-awake-herb“ stimulates the circulation – so you can start off the new season fresh and lively!

You want to know more about the evergreen plant? Rosemary's generic name is "Salvia" - and it definitely lives up to that. "Salvus" means "saved" or "untouched." Even in ancient Greece the fragrant herb was a symbol of health, friendship, love, loyalty and longevity. It has antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic effects – what more could we want?

Regenerating Arnica Cream

Soothing, warming and reactivating for joints and muscles – this is what our Regenerating Arnica Cream promises. Whether muscle tension, joint pain or bruises, this little helper is by your side and heals your pain in no time! Its rich composition of high-quality oils and arnica flower extract disinfects and clears the skin, supports healing processes and eases swellings. No matter if you go hiking, do sports or are out and about on an action vacation – with this product nothing will stop you!

Harmonizing Natural Soap with Chamomile

Chamomile is a real miracle cure: Whether in tea, as oil, as candy or soap – it eases inflammations and menstrual cramps as well as skin problems! That is the reason why this floral all-rounder is the main ingredient of our Natural Soap with Chamomile! Its dried petals combined with plant-based oils create the perfect composition for cleansing and caring – for all skin types!


Sensitive? Our soap protects and strengthens in a natural way.

Red and irritated? Our soap soothes and calms.

Acne? Thanks to the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, our soap can restore the natural balance of your sebum production.


We did not include your skin type? Feel free to contact us, so we can tell you more about the benefits of our Harmonizing Natural Soap!